Anthony Way (United Kingdom)

    Anthony Way was born in London on 14 December 1982. His father worked as a prison officer at Wormwood Scrubs Prison, and it was the prison chaplain (the Rev. Ray Guymer), who, in 1990, suggested to Mr Way that Anthony should go for a voice trial at St Paul's Cathedral.
    In 1995, Anthony Way entranced England with his portrayal of Henry Ashworth, the choir boy in the BBC's lavish adaptation of Joanna Trollope's acclaimed novel, 'The Choir'. But is was the huge and unexpected success of the soundtrack from the series (it became the second fastest selling classical CD in the UK), which really catapulted Anthony into the public eye.
    After numerous TV appearances, it became apparent that not only did audiences love him, but that the feeling was reciprocal. Indeed, as his confident performance in front of thousands, including Her Majesty The Queen at the VE Day Celebrations in Hyde Park, show, he was a natural star. It became obvious that this then-12-year-old chorister from St Paul's had a solo career ahead of him.
    He recorded several albums before his voice changed and was cast as the star of the film "Tom's Midnight Garden" in 1998. He later joined a punk band called "Upshot" as the drummer for a short time.