Anne Gadegaard (Denmark)

    Girl | Pop
    Anne Mondrup Gadegaard Jensen (born November 7, 1991 in Århus but now residing in Copenhagen, Denmark) is a Danish pop (previously bubblegum pop) artist that grew up up in Århus with her parents and two brothers. Anne began singing at the age of 11 after the success of the child singer Razz in 2002. Just a year later Anne represented Denmark at the first ever Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2003 with the song “Arabiens Drøm”. The song finished fifth out of sixteen participants, scoring 93 points. 
    In 2007, Gadegaard toured Italy. In 2008, she collaborated with Nicolai Kielstrup, Amalie, Sebastian and Mathias y Mark (Join Us) in the song called “En Verden Til Forskel” (A World of Difference).
    There were plans for a sixth album in 2008 but Anne took a break from the music scene for a while.
    In March 2010, her mother (that also was her manager) died of breast cancer. Anne came back to the music scene with releasing the single Blah, Blah, but then laid her focus on her blog. In May 2013 she came back with her single Bag Skyerne, a dedication to her mother.
    Arabiens Drøm (2003)
    Ini Mini Miny (2004)
    Chiki Chiki (2005)
    Kan du mærke Beatet (2005)
    De Første & Største Hits (2006)
    Annes Jul (2006)
    Blah Blah (2010)
    Bag Skyerne (2013)