Alex Ariete (United States)

    Boy | Pop | Techno
    Alex Ariete is not your typical thirteen year-old. While most kids his age have got their hands full trying to navigate the rocky byways of middle school, Alex is already living his dream of being a DJ, Composer and Producer. 
    Seeing people dance and sing to his music is the ultimate high. To Alex, it’s as much about the human connection as it is about the music itself. Continually gaining mastery over the tools of his trade, he creates his own arrangements, weaving hypnotic drums, lush synths and pulsating bass lines. With a style influenced by big room EDM (Electronic Dance Music) and Pop, he has created an ever-evolving sound that is all his own.
    Alex had a pretty typical childhood, from all outward appearances. An early passion for dancing lead his mother to enroll him in Hip Hop dance classes. This would turn out to be pivotal on many levels, as he was eventually introduced to DJ culture through a different class at the same school. By the age of ten, he decided to turn his fantasy of becoming a DJ into reality: He enrolled and graduated from the Scratch DJ Academy, accomplishing in months what often takes others years to master. Still, he found he wasn’t satisfied only playing other people’s music. He wanted to create his own songs to make people dance. 
    Armed with raw ambition and dreams of becoming one of the top ten DJ’s in the world, Alex set his sights on learning as much as he could about music production and composition. At the age of twelve, Alex enrolled at SAE (Sound Audio Engineering Institute) in Miami, where he studied music composition, production and audio engineering. Upon completing his studies at SAE, he made the studio his new home, spending months on end creating his own original arrangements and unique sounds, which incorporate his own vocals and sound effects. Still seeking to further perfect his craft, he enrolled in classes at the world-renowned Berklee College of Music, where he is currently studying music theory. 
    To say Alex is driven would be a major understatement. He possesses an insatiable desire to learn everything there is to know about music. Almost as much as his desire for stardom, he cites a need to create music that will resonate with people. He has already had a taste of it on the big stage, performing with the likes of recording artist Kevin Rudolf and the Miami Heat’s DJ Irie, as well for huge audiences at the 2015 Winter Music Conference in Miami, Groove Cruise in Los Angeles and SunFest in West Palm Beach. The media has taken notice too. Alex recently made his TV debut on the “Vanilla Ice Project” on the DIY Network and has been featured in Art Hive, The PalmBeacher and Jupiter Magazine.