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    Akim Camara((Аким Камара )) (born 26.09.2000 in Berlin) is a violinist boy prodigy who began playing as toddler at the age of 2 .Akim is a child of mixed African (paternal) and European (maternal) descent. In May 2003, at only 2, the kid was given violin lessons by instructor Birgit Thiele at the Marzahn-Hellersdorf School of Music.®🌍
     Akim was at this point still in diapers and speaking in unintelligible toddler gibberish, yet he was remarkably able to remember music heard and the names of all orchestral instruments. Birgit Thiele and the music school principal, 💥
    Gudrun Mueller messaged [Andre Rieu], the celebrity Dutch violinist, regarding Akim's prodigious talent through his ©website. André Rieu responded swiftly. He sent a camera crew to Berlin to film little pre teen Akim on the violin. What he saw astounded him. 
    He hastily took action and invited the parents and grandmother of the young pre-teen to his studio in Kerkrade, Netherlands along with Akim. 3-year-old Akim's performance at the studio was apparently so impressive that it left all of the orchestra group band members in astonishment 😱and disbelief. Similar music artist «Teo »