5Angels (Czech Republic)

    5Angels is a girl group with music produced by Stano Šimor. The group was formed in December 2007 by Nikola's father Michal Mertl, as the first Czech group targeted to girls around the age of 10. The members were chosen among students of dance studio AT Studio Domino in Prague in a competition. 
    Current line-up:
    Vendy (born 27 July, 1997), sings.
    Veronika (born 21 February, 1999), sings and plays flute
    Nikola (born 24 September, 1998), sings.
    Angelina "Angee" born 21 January, 2000), sings, plays cello and piano.
    Tereza (born 4 June, 2000), sings and plays the piano.
    Previous members:
    Kristýna, Niki, Týna, Míša
    The original members were Kristýna, Niki, Týna, Nikola and Tereza. Tereza left the group in spring 2008, and was replaced by Diana. A more radical change in the group happened in August 2009 when all but the founder's daughter Nikola were replaced by new girls, Angelina, Míša, Tereza and Vendy.
    The girls in the group have background in competitive dance or gymnastics in which many have national level achievements. Some have previous experience acting on TV or in commercials.
    The original team performed on numerous television shows in Czech republic and Slovakia. Some of the most important milestones have been appearing in a Czech X-Factor final show in 2008, and a sold-out concert in the famous Lucerna in Prague. 5Angels has become one of the best selling groups in Czech Republic, performing more than once a week. Each of the girls earn more than their parents.